Arun Chandrasekhar

Assistant Professor of Economics
Stanford University

Arun G. Chandrasekhar is a development economist and econometrician interested in the role that social networks play in developing countries. His research focuses on social learning and informal insurance, as well as the associated econometric problems that arise when studying network data. He received his PhD from MIT in May 2012 and is currently a post-doctorate at Microsoft Research New England. In the fall of 2013, Chandrasekhar will begin as an assistant professor at Stanford’s department of economics.  

In collaboration with Cynthia Kinnan and Horacio Larreguy, Chandrasekhar is studying the interaction of financial products with informal insurance by utilizing randomized lab experiments in rural Karnataka, India.  He also examines the diffusion of microfinance and information about poverty through Indian and Indonesian village networks, respectively.  In addition, in joint work with Horacio Larreguy, he is conducting experiments to distinguish between various models of social learning models on networks.

Chandrasekhar also studies the econometric problems associated with analyzing economic models on sampled network data. His work has shown that naively analyzing sampled network data without care yields misleading results, and he offers statistical solutions to address this problem. Chandrasekhar is also interested in partially identified parameters and incomplete data and works on estimating set identified functions.