Tae Jeong Lee

Associate Professor of Economics
Yonsei University Wonju Campus

Tae Jeong Lee is Associate Professor of Economics at Yonsei University, Wonju in South Korea. He is appointed jointly at the Department of Economics, the College of Government and Business and at the East Asia International College. He currently serves as the program director of economics and business at the East Asia International College.

Lee’s research interest lies in theoretical and empirical studies on issues related to the economic development and growth, paying special attention to the spatial and the financial aspects. Recently, he has been investigating the determinants and remedies for various problems that the Korean economy faces including: the regional distribution of manufacturing industries in Korea; the economic cooperation between North and South Korea; the anomaly in the Korean education system; the effect of energy price regulation in Korea; the sustainability of the Korean national pension system and its long-term effect on the economy; and, most recently, the nature and the performances of large business groups, chaebols, of Korea.

He has served as Director of the International Education Center, Associate Dean of the College of Government and Business, and Chairman of the Department of Economics at the Yonsei University, Wonju. Before his appointment at Yonsei University, Wonju, he briefly taught at the Vanderbilt University and joined the Population Research Center at the University of Chicago in order to participate in Robert M. Townsend’s Thai Village Survey Project: He contributed to developing the survey instruments, sampling the villages and households, and implementing the pilot surveys and the first round of the major survey in 1997. During the academic year of 2009-2010, he was a Visiting Professor at the Department of Economics, MIT. In 2005, he was one of the first winners of the Best Teacher of the Year Award at the Yonsei University.