Anil Jain

PhD Candidate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Anil Jain is an economist with research interests in development and organisational economics. His research interests focus on how organisations develop contracts and agreements between and within organisations to facilitate trade. Often these agreements are difficult to enact and enforce. Anil is interested in understanding how these agreements develop over time, how these agreements are sustained, and what happens when they break down.

How agreements or contracts are structured is important in the developing world because of the inability to rely on the rule of law and property rights and individuals may be credit constrained leading to important differences on how agreements develop over time and how incentives are structured.

Anil is collaborating with Emily Breza (Columbia Business School) on how future credit markets affect microfinance borrowers’ repayments today, Ali Choudhary (State Bank of Pakistan) on firm organisation and bank lending and Robert Townsend (MIT) on mobile payment systems.

Anil Jain has an M.Phil and M.A. (Hons) from Trinity College, Cambridge University and is currently in his fourth year of a PhD at MIT.