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Explore books and chapters in the field of financial systems and poverty that were supported by CFSP or written by Consortium researchers.

Xavier Gine, Lev Menand, Robert M. Townsend, James Vickery

Rainfall index insurance provides a payout based on measured local rainfall during key phases of the agricultural season, and in principle can help rural households...

Recent Books

Christopher Udry, Rohini Pande
Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress | Richard Blundell, Whitney K. Newey and Torsten Persson | Oxford University Press | New York | 349-412 | 2006

A View from Below

In this paper we argue the case for greater exploitation...

Roberto Rigobon, Fernando Broner
External Vulnerability and Preventive Policies | Ricardo Caballero, César Calderón, and Luis Felipe Céspedes | Central Bank of Chile | Santiago | 15-39 | 2006

The standard deviations of capital flows to emerging countries are 80 percent higher than...

Abhijit Banerjee
Understanding Poverty | Abhijit Banerjee, Roland Bénabou, Dilip Mookherjee | Oxford University Press | New York, NY | 85-98 | 2006

This volume brings together twenty-eight essays by some of the world leaders in the field, who...

Christopher Udry
Understanding Poverty | Abhijit Banerjee, Roland Bénabou,and Dilip Mookherje | Oxford University Press | New York, NY | 243-258 | 2006

In order to construct effective policies to address the problem of child labor, it is...

Robert M. Townsend
Inter-American Development Bank Conference Proceedings | Chapter 1 | 2004

An Algorithm for Policy-Based Research and Research-Based Policy


Roberto Rigobon
Preventing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets | Sebastian Edwards and Jeffrey A. Frankel | University of Chicago Press | 269-334 | 2002

The empirical literature on contagion has mainly measured the propagation of shocks across...

Pranab Bardhan, Christopher Udry
Oxford University Press | New York | 1999

Development Microeconomics is the first in a series of books that looks at the entire spectrum...