We invite you to explore the papers supported directly by CFSP as well as key papers in the field of financial systems and poverty that were written by Consortium researchers.

Joseph Kaboski, Robert M. Townsend

Winner, 2012 Frisch Medal in Econometrics. This paper uses a structural model to understand, predict, and evaluate the impact of...

Recent Papers

Robert M. Townsend
American Journal of Agricultural Economics | Forthcoming | 2013

Economists and other social scientists have long tried to understand the nature of poverty and...

Christopher Woodruff, Suresh de Mel, Craig McIntosh
American Economic Review | 103 | 3 | 387-392 | 2013

We report on a field experiment using several methods for collecting deposits made in formal...

Christopher Udry
African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics | Forthcoming | 2012

This paper addresses three apparent trends in African agriculture. The first shows that over...

Cynthia Kinnan, Robert M. Townsend
American Economic Review | 102 | 3 | 289-293 | 2012

The importance of kinship networks in facilitating consumption smoothing and investment...

Joseph Kaboski, Robert M. Townsend
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics | 4 | 2 | 98-133 | 2012

This paper evaluates the short-term impact of Thailand’s Million Baht Village Fund...

Krislert Samphantharak, Robert M. Townsend
Journal of Development Economics | 98 | 1 | 58-70 | 2012

Return on assets (ROA) from household enterprise is crucial for understanding the wellbeing...

Archawa Paweenawat, Robert M. Townsend
American Economic Review | 102 | 3 | 441-446 | 2012

Using the household panel data from Townsend Thai data, we create the economic and balance of...

Kenichi Ueda
Journal of Economic Theory | Forthcoming | 2012


Competition among banks promotes growth and stability for an economy with...

Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Martin Cihak
World Bank: Global Financial Development Report | 2012

This report reassesses the role of the state in finance, based on updated data, ongoing...

Joseph Kaboski, Robert M. Townsend
Econometrica | 79 | 5 | 1357-1406 | 2011