Savings and Intermediation in Chile

Esteban Puentes’ research project studies the interaction of the financial sector and entrepreneurship in Chile. Despite the high growth in the last 20 years, financial access is still limited, especially to formal savings opportunities. For instance, only 14% of households overall have a savings account and only 4% of the poorest households do.

In his CFSP project, Puentes surveys small and informal firms to better understand the obstacles to savings. He seeks to determine whether talent or financial obstacles are the main constraints faced by small entrepreneurs and to learn how these two factors interact.

Research Questions: 
  • What are the obstacles to household savings?
  • What is the role of the financial system in household savings in Chile?
  • What characterizes a successful entrepreneur?
Data Notes: 

Survey Time Frame and Rounds:

  • Main Round, October to December 2010
  • Follow-up, March to April 2011


  • Household Demographic
  • Employment
  • Savings
  • Borrowing
  • Type of Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Saving Obstacles and Access to Public Sector Programs

Survey size: 3,000 households
Sample: Self-employed workers and employers in Chile

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