Flow of Funds Accounts and Savings Workshop

The Flow of Funds Accounts (FFA) Workshop, which is supported by CFSP, brings together experts and practitioners to establish a framework for identifying and assessing the current status of FFA in developing countries.

FFA show the financial flows for an entire economy, and thus are very useful for measuring savings, investment, and intermediation, and generally for mapping the primary financial relationships within a country's financial system. However, FFA are quite rare – at least on a comprehensive, systematic basis – for low- and middle-income countries. Thus, a primary goal of this Workshop is to begin establishing the framework for creating FFA for developing countries, by developing new methods of constructing FFA, for instance, by using survey data of low-wealth households to better understand that sector of the economy.

By learning how to construct better FFA, we can better understand the workings of developing economies, and make informed policy recommendations regarding financial systems and poverty. <Read the full workshop vision statement>

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April 2012 meeting

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